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By using this Website, you have unconditionally agreed to the terms and conditions for the use of services. Whereby the Company reserves its right to use its sole discretion for amending or changing the terms and conditions for the use of services. By continue using this Website after changes to the terms and conditions for the use of services have been published, it shall be deemed as the acceptance of such changes. You represent and warrant that you are 20 years old or above, or if you are under 20 years old but have obtained consent from your parents or guardian, you are legally entitled to and capable to enter into an agreement and abide by the terms, conditions, obligations, confirmation, representations and warranties as specified under the terms and conditions for the use of services and to perform and proceed in accordance with the terms and conditions for the use of services.

You cannot use this Website for any purpose which is unlawful and prohibited by the terms and conditions for the use of services or induce any unlawful action or infringe the rights of the Company or other persons, notwithstanding any other right or limitation under the terms and conditions for the use of services.

Intellectual Property

This Website contains contents including texts, pictures and audios, drawings, features, photographs, video clips, product descriptions and other information contained therein (collectively referred to as “Contents”) and trademarks, service marks, and any other marks contained in this Website. They are owned by the Company or person(s) granting the right to the Company and/or agencies relating to the Company and protected as copyrights and other forms of intellectual property rights under the laws of Thailand and foreign laws and international conventions acceded by Thailand.

The Company is entitled or authorized to control the usage of the Contents. The
The company prohibits anyone from copying, modifying, storing, transmitting, plagiarizing, publishing or undertaking any action resulting in the infringement of copyrights or intellectual property rights without obtaining prior written consent from the Company.

Registration and Membership

To register for membership of this Website, you are required to fill in true and correct information. Whereby, we allow the membership registration for one account only, otherwise, we reserve the right to terminate user’s account without prior notice. You are responsible for keeping your password and for any action taken under such password or account.

In the event that you cannot remember your password or account, the Company will not be responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for any losses or damages incurred as a result of or in relation to the omission, negligence or default caused by you. If you are aware that other person uses your account and password without your consent regardless of the purpose, you must immediately inform the Company of such incident so that the Company will cancel the order for products/services or any transaction incurred from such incident. You can inform the Company via this Website or contact info@talaypu.com

When you create an account on this Website, you agree to receive certain
communications in relation to the use of this Website such as a request for reviewing of products as well as our marketing e-mails e.g., newsletters. For additional information, please refer to our privacy policy at https://khaokho.com/privacy-policy/


Conditions of Sale

To order products, you can express an intention to purchase a product under the
following terms and conditions, subject to the availability of product in stock and
confirmation of purchase price.

To enter into an agreement with the Company, you must be at least 20 years old and hold a valid credit or debit card issued by the bank acceptable to the Company or possess a bank account which can be used for payment by wire transfer. The Company reserves its right to reject any request from you. In the event that your purchase order has been accepted, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. When making a purchase order, you confirm that all the details provided to us are true and correct in all aspects, and that you are authorized to use the provided bank account and/or credit or debit card for making your purchase order and have sufficient amount of money to cover the cost of the products. Whereby, the prices of all the products advertised are subject to any changes.

(1) Agreement
When you make a purchase order, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the receipt of your purchase order. This e-mail is for acknowledgement purpose only and shall not be regarded as accepting your purchase order. An agreement between you and the Company for the sale and purchase of the products will be made when your payment has been approved by the Company and that we have debited the proceeds from your credit or debit card or received the wire transfer of the purchase price.

(2) Pricing and Readiness of Services
The Company uses its endeavor to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices
displayed on this Website are correct, however, there might be any error. If we found any error in relation to the price of your purchased products, we will immediately inform you and allow you to reconfirm the purchase order at the correct price or cancel the purchase order. If we cannot contact you, it shall be deemed that your purchase order is cancelled. In the event that you have cancelled the purchase order but have already paid for the products, you will be refunded in full amount. Whereby, the prices may include value added tax, if required by law, and expenses incurred from the delivery of products may be additionally charged. In such case, the additional expenses will be explicitly displayed and specified in the “total expenses”.

The Website may contain typos or other errors or incorrectness and may not be
complete or up-to-date. We reserve the right to correct such errors, incorrectness or omissions and reserve the right to change or update information at any time. We reserve the right to reject any purchase order that you may have made based on information of the products which may be inaccurate or incorrect, including, but not limited to, errors, incorrectness or outdated information in relation to the pricing, shipping, conditions for payment, or return policies.

(3) Payment
You can choose to pay for a product by wire transfer or by credit or debit card. In the event that you make the payment by credit or debit card, upon receiving your purchase order, we will proceed according to the standards with regard to the card to verify that it contains sufficient amount to proceed with the transaction via the payment platform. The products will be delivered once the verification is completed, and your card will be debited once the purchase order has been accepted and the products have been delivered.

(4) Confirmation of Purchase Order and Official Invoice
Once your purchase order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for such purchase order.

Policy for Cancellation of Purchase Order, Return and Change of Products
(1) Policy for the Cancellation of Purchase Order
You can cancel the purchase order by informing the Company prior to the delivery of the products.

In the event that you intend to cancel the purchase order, you can follow the steps for the cancellation of the purchase order specified in the Website.

Once your payment has been made, you can no longer change or cancel such
purchase order.

(2) Policy for the Return and Change of Defected Products
If you have gotten a damaged or defected product, please contact us immediately with pictures at info@talaypu.com. Once we have seen this, we will be able to help you for a replacement.

For refund you may return product within 14 days of your purchase, provided that your product(s) must be unused or unopened, in the same condition that you received it, and in the original packaging. All claims for the return of products must be submitted for approval by email before sending product back to us. The shipping cost for return product will be responsible by customer.

Damages to only the packaging box will not be regarded as damages which entitle you to claim for replacement, as the Company cannot control the delivery/shipping by the postal service or shipping companies.

Please Note: Only items purchased on khaokho.com may be accepted for returns.


Your Comments and Scorings

You are responsible for messages, photographs, videos, images and other forms of communications (collectively referred to as “Information”) that you post or transmit or connect to when using of this Website. Such Information shall include comments, scorings and information that you show to the public in your profile. In this regard, you shall be the sole responsible person for your comments and scorings.

You represent that your Information does not infringe the intellectual property rights of other person and you are the owner, authorized under the law and permitted to use your Information. You should refrain from any action which causes your Information to be defamatory, false, misleading, infringing, disturbing, insulting, disdaining, threatening,

obscene, or unlawful, to which you will be subject to liability by yourself.
The Company will screen and review all Information posted on the Website and the Company has the sole discretion whether to remove comments and scorings once they are published.

Your comments and scorings of the products must be correct, accurate, true and
complete in all aspects, whereas you will not receive any remuneration from posting comments and scorings.


Personal Data Protection

The collection, use and disclosure of any personal data by the Company in relation to the use of this Website shall be in accordance with the terms specified in the privacy policy of the Company. For additional information, please refer to


Limitation of Liability

The Company shall not be liable for any damages, including losses, damages or
expenses incurred, whether directly or indirectly, intentionally, accidentally or
consequentially, from your use of this Website or websites linking with this Website or the restricted use of this Website by other person. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for losses, damages or expenses incurred from the failure to use, errors, omissions, delay in operation, defects, incompleteness, computer viruses, regardless of whether or not the Company or agents of the Company have been informed prior to such losses, damages or expenses.

The Company takes no responsibility for all liabilities with respect to defects or errors of the products resulting from not following the instructions printed on the products, misuses, modifications and/or wrongful uses of the products. It is recommended that you should thoroughly read all labels and descriptions and the Company shall not be liable for any intolerance or allergic reaction resulted from using the products.



You agree to indemnify, defend and compensate the Company, its directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents and affiliates from any claim, liability for damages and/or expense incurred by third-parties (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use of this Website or your breach of the terms and conditions for the use of services.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions for the use of services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand. By visiting this Website, you agree that the laws of Thailand, regardless of the principles of conflict of laws, shall govern these terms and conditions for the use of services and any dispute which may arise between you and the Company. The courts of Thailand shall have jurisdiction over any legal action or proceedings against the Company arising from or in connection with any dispute relating to these terms and conditions for the use of services, including disputes between users of this Website.