Formulating Effectively without Common Chemicals

Formulating Effectively without Common Chemicals

Since our founding, Khaokho Talaypu has dedicated its product development team to substituting selected common chemicals in personal care products for gentler, more natural alternatives. This isn't a blind devotion to ultimately removing chemicals entirely from our products - in practice, many of the chemicals used in personal care are essential to their safe functioning in cleansing and nourishing our bodies.

However, as research continually evolves, we learn more and more about possible short and long term effects of chemicals we once thought to be harmless. At Khaokho Talaupu, we do our best to keep abreast of the latest developments and update our formulations accordingly. As of 2021, the chemicals banned from use in our products are divided into 4 groups:


  • 1. Conditioning agents – Slicone, Gluten, Synthetic Oil, Petroleum
  • 2. Preservatives & Antimicrobial agents – Paraben, Formaldehyde, Triclosan/Tricolcarban, MIT, PEG
  • 3. Surfactants – SLS/SLES, Denatured Alcohol
  • 4. Formulation Accessory – Perfumes, Artificial Colours



    To date, we have found sufficient publications suggesting these 13 common chemicals either trigger sensitive skin issues or present some risk to long-term skin and hair use over time. Whilst effects for each individual will vary, we have decided to simply remove ingredient groups that could possibly cause harm, as part of a brand-level commitment to deliver worry-free products to our customers.

    All that said, today's consumer expect natural products to work just as well as their chemical alternatives. We agree wholeheartedly. With this commitment to formulating free from 13 chemical groups, we devote our efforts with research teams and ingredient suppliers to find effective natural substitutes for these common chemicals, with innovative results. For example, today's products use special surfectants and conditioning agents derived from coconut. Instead of common preservatives, we use herbs and natural extracts with natural anti-bacterials (often inspired by Thai traditional recipes). Our team has looked to Essential Oil blends, and even flavours from the food industry to replace harmful perfumes. With colours, we restrict ourselves to naturally occuring browns and yellows, with our richest colours being green (from Chlorophyll) and deep blue (from Butterfly Pea).

    As difficult as it can be to formulate effectively and affordably without chemicals, our team continues to be energized by the challenge of finding innovations to evolve and improve our natural products.